About Our Organization

Story About Us

Our organization is geared toward identifying women, children and youth who are victims of mental health abuse and disorders due to any kind of abuse, social and financial circumstances, deplorable lifestyle situations and misfortune in life. We facilitate them in personal development through social training, guidance and counseling, scholarships, sponsorships and donations. This way we contribute to create a world that is free from harm to every living being by practicing Ahimsa through mental health programs. We also promote the ethics of peace and nonviolence because the absence of peace or the presence of violence may cause mental health disorders.

Who are We?

Where it all Began

Our story begins with our co-founder and CEO, David Ndungu Kiige as a very young child, growing up in extreme poverty in a village on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. He himself is a victim of malnourishment, domestic violence, and a homeless youth on the streets. Inspired by a childhood encounter with American soldiers distributing food, David vowed as a child to someday give back and uplift those who faced similar circumstances. With a heart rooted in compassion and a vision of empowerment, the dream of AHIMSA CO, LLC as a beacon of hope for survivors in Kenya came to life. Ahimsa stands as as testament to the power of resilience, compassion and unwavering determination. Our co-founder’s remarkable journey, coupled with a dedicated management team and a network of supporters, positions us to bring lasting transformation to the lives of survivors. As we move forward, our commitment to saving the world “one starfish at a time” remains steadfast, driving us to create a world where every woman and child can thrive, free from fear and oppression. 

Mental health abuse and disorders has a destructive impact on mental health. It can cause the victim to feel inadequate, insecure, unsafe and traumatized it can also trigger emotional helplessness. In other cases, the victim can develop mental disorders like anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress and in extreme cases it causes death.


Our foremost objective is to offer safe and supportive housing to survivors of domestic violence, creating an environment where they can heal, regain their self-esteem, and rebuild their lives. We aim to ensure that each survivor feels secure and cared for, with access to essential resources and a community that understands and supports their journey.


We are committed to providing survivors with access to professional psychological counseling and support services. Our objective is to help them overcome trauma, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and emerge from their experiences stronger and more resilient. We aim to equip survivors with the resources and skills necessary for financial independence. Our objective is to collaborate with local businesses, provide job training, mentorship and job placement, enabling survivors to secure employment and take steps toward self-sufficiency.


Our objective is to raise awareness about domestic violence and its impact on individuals and communities. Through seminars, workshops, and educational programs, we seek to empower survivors with knowledge, skills and strategies to break free from cycles of abuse.

Integrity and transparency

As an organization we acknowledge straight forwardness and clarity as the primary values that guide our operations.

Our Value

Diversity and Inclusivity

We identifies the dynamic orientation of everyone mentally, socially physically, ethically, healthily, economically and spiritually, it’s from this uniqueness that we shall pull our ideas and aspirations together.


We employ and develop new ideas to ensure effective implementation of projects.

Organizational efficiency

Teamwork is the cornerstone principle of our organization.

Relevance and response

The organization endeavors to recruit and partner with issue-conscious individuals and organizations.


Where the money goes

You can help lots of people by donating Little

Your contributions go to a range of work that helps children and families around Kenya– including programs focused on water, livelihoods, child protection, education, health, and sports.

History About Us

According to the dictionary by Merriam Webster ahimsa is defined as the Hindu and Buddhist doctrine of refraining from harming any living being.

Harm can be physical or mental and many people in world today are victims of harm which they either did to themselves or was done to them by someone or a group of people and sometimes circumstantial.

The effects of harm can be dangerous they can even result to death.

Long terms effects of harm and abuse on individuals include:

    • Disempowerment (loss of confidence and person control over their own life).
    • Loss of self-esteem.
    • Having someone’s safety and well-being compromised due to an ongoing issue.
    • Mental health abuse and disorder.
    • Loss of confidence and trust in others.
    • Greater likelihood of being abused again
    • Extreme poverty and hunger.

Want to get involved?

Your  involvement with AHIMSA  supporting women, youth, and children victims of domestic violence is essential to creating a safer and more just society. By supporting these vulnerable populations, we can help break the cycle of abuse, provide resources for healing and growth, and empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives free from violence and fear. Your  involvement can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected, fostering a community where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.


Your support will unwrap brighter futures for children and families.


Your donation can help us offer more services to more people.


You can contribute your time, skills, knowledge through volunteering.

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